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Holistic Nutrition

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What Does a Holistic Nutritionist Do?

A Holistic Nutritionist partners with individuals, families and groups on how to improve diet, lifestyle and attitude towards food to help in preventing disease and promoting overall wellness. They can help individuals with previously diagnosed illnesses identify their dietary choices which  contribute to poor health.
Their advice and support is founded on scientific evidence-based and holistic principles and often times they may work with your primary healthcare provider in order to provide the best nutritional program to meet your health goals. They do NOT approach your care with a short term solution but rather a lifestyle change to not only improve your health but sustain it to

Holistic Nutritionists Typically Offer the Following Types of Services:

  • Diet and lifestyle evaluation
  • Teach healthy eating
  • Shopping suggestions
  • Family meal planning
  • Meal plans for improved weight, mood and energy
  • Teach classes on wellness and holistic nutrition
  • Advise clients on basic wellness supplementation for age appropriateness

What Happens in a Holistic Nutrition Consultation :

A consultation can be 30 to 60 minutes in length. A full health history is provided prior to the consultation. During the consultation a review of your health history is done and then we discuss your current diet, goals and lifestyles. We talk about your food preferences/moods and relationship with food. From there, together with you we look at ways to improve your diet to reach your goals. This is usually done not only by diet change alone, but with exercises that challenge your relationship with food. Support will be given with recipes, meal planning and preparation which is specific to your needs.
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