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What is a life coach?

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A life coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. A life coach is a professionally trained individual to help you reach your full potential and desired results.

What is the difference between Life Coaching & Therapy:

Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. Coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals. Therapy  looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward and deals with mental health concerns.

A Life Coach can help you with:

  • building confidence
  • finding a career you are passion about
  • defining your goals
  • staying accountable to your goals
  • do more of the activities that you love
  • improve and form better relationships
  • develop more meaning in your life
  • develop your purpose
  • work on the things that you are passionate about
  • feel happier
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